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The Home Of Dream Team


Harchester United Football Club was a fictional Premier League football club from the Midlands.
It featured in the Sky 1 TV drama series Dream Team.
The club was infamous for the corruption and tragedy involving the club staff, players, and their families
The series produced by Hewland International which aired on Sky1 from 1997 to 2007.


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Dream Team 80's :

Below are a couple of photos from this series





Below is a guide to what the series is about :

Dream Team 80's takes you back to the old days.
It was a 3 episode series which shows a build up to the 2006 World Cup in Mexico


DVD Details :

This DVD is the FULL season

It consists of 3 episodes, which takes you back to the 1980's.
This spin off series follows 3 young apprentice footballers who have big ambitions with Harchester. It follows their lives from 1980 to the run up of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico


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